Se anuncia SQL Server "Katmai"!!!


Esto se publico en SD Times:

"The next generation of Microsoft SQL Server, code-named Katmai, is slated for release next year. Microsoft corporate vice president Ted Kummert will divulge selected details about Katmai during his keynote address at the Business Intelligence conference today.
Preliminary product literature reveals that Katmai will be more deeply integrated with Microsoft Office 2007 system front-end tools. Katmai's reporting capabilities will be more robust, supporting any report size or complexity.
Additionally, it will manage and accept nonrelational data types, including documents, geographic information and XML. Katmai adds new data warehousing capabilities, enables applications to interact with local stores, and can synchronize data from devices to the central data store.
What's more, Katmai supports the next-generation ADO.NET data access framework to define business entities and has LINQ support.
Katmai has shifted SQL Server from scripts to a rules-based management framework, and the contents of entire databases may be encrypted. A resource governor defines individual resource limits and can prioritize workloads.
Private beta testing could begin as early as June, according to an Austrian TechNet blog post published in April. "